Drug Crimes

Facing Drug Crime Charges in Michigan?

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The criminal justice system cracks down hard on drug crimes. The sentences of drug crimes are not only meant to punish the individual offender, but they are also meant to make an example that discourages others from committing these crimes. If you've been arrested, you could be faced with intense prosecution.

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What penalties can you face for a Michigan drug crime?

Whether it's a drug possession or a drug trafficking case, a court will often impose the severest sentence available. If you take immediate action to contact us, we can fight to have your charges dismissed or reduced, prepared to win your case in trial if need be. No case is too complex for us.

In Michigan, certain dangerous drugs can lead to higher penalties:

  • Cocaine
  • Heroin
  • Methamphetamine

Possession of any of the above substances is a felony drug crime, with prison terms ranging from one year to life. You can also be fined up to $25,000.

If you are charged with a marijuana crime, you could still face a year in jail and a $2,000 fine for misdemeanor possession. But if large quantities of cannabis are involved, you could be charged with possession with intent to deliver, a felony that can send you to prison for 4 years and cost you $20,000. In some cases, you could even face these penalties for using medical marijuana.

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Get the Help of a Dynamic Drug Crime Lawyer in Oakland County

Regardless of the drug crime charges you are facing, there are proven defense strategies. Many cases are successfully resolved by demonstrating that the defendant's Constitutional rights against unlawful search and seizure were violated, thereby causing the evidence to be thrown out. This defense often succeeds, whether the drug charges involved trafficking several kilos of cocaine or possession of a small amount of marijuana.

To find the most powerful defenses available in your unique situation, you must retain the right Oakland County criminal defense attorney. At Long Law PLLC, we are ready to begin preparing your defense. Find out what a top-rated legal advocate can accomplish for you!

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Successful Case Results

  • CHARGE: Operating While Intoxicated VERDICT: Case Dismissed
  • CHARGE: Habitual 4th Offender After a Heroin Relapse VERDICT: In-Patient Treatment & Probation
  • CHARGE: Stalking VERDICT: PPO Dismissed
  • CHARGE: Stalking VERDICT: PPO Dismissed
  • CHARGE: Operating While Intoxicated Verdict: Reduced Charge, No Jail / Probation
  • CHARGE: Embezzlement Over $20K VERDICT: Case Dismissed
  • CHARGE: Operating While Intoxicated VERDICT: Case Dismissed
  • CHARGE: Assault and Battery VERDICT: Not Guilty
  • CHARGE: Child Abuse VERDICT: Not Guilty
  • CHARGE: Child Abuse / Neglect VERDICT: Not Guilty