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If you are staring down criminal charges in Michigan, we understand that you could be intensely concerned about your future, and with good reason. Your freedom and finances are threatened, and a criminal conviction on your record will follow you wherever you go.

If you have been arrested for a crime, your first course of action must be finding the right Oakland criminal defense lawyer to represent you.

Why choose our Oakland County defense attorney?

  • Attorney Emily Long has been included in Michigan Super Lawyers®
  • She is a former prosecutor—backed by irreplaceable insights
  • She puts a team of investigators, toxicologists, and other experts on your side
  • She has successfully handled 50+ criminal trials

At our Long Law PLLC, we can provide the fierce, strategic defense you need in your corner. We know how to get charges reduced or dismissed, and we know how to win at trial. Discover how you can fight your criminal charges when you contact our Oakland criminal law firm today!

Former Prosecutor. Trial-Tested Defense.

No case is too complex for our Oakland County criminal defense attorney. The results speak for themselves. From violent crime charges to felony OWI cases, Ms. Long has proven her ability to skillfully negotiate with the prosecution to lower charges, discredit evidence to get charges thrown out, and convince a jury that a defendant is not guilty.

You cannot afford delay. A prosecutor is already building evidence against you. Backed by the government, the prosecution can have investigators, forensic experts, and other professionals working against you. We can even the playing field for you. Our defense team is armed with the experience and resources to preserve your every legal right. Start your defense today!

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Successful Case Results

  • CHARGE: Operating While Intoxicated VERDICT: Case Dismissed
  • CHARGE: Habitual 4th Offender After a Heroin Relapse VERDICT: In-Patient Treatment & Probation
  • CHARGE: Stalking VERDICT: PPO Dismissed
  • CHARGE: Stalking VERDICT: PPO Dismissed
  • CHARGE: Operating While Intoxicated Verdict: Reduced Charge, No Jail / Probation
  • CHARGE: Embezzlement Over $20K VERDICT: Case Dismissed
  • CHARGE: Operating While Intoxicated VERDICT: Case Dismissed
  • CHARGE: Assault and Battery VERDICT: Not Guilty
  • CHARGE: Child Abuse VERDICT: Not Guilty
  • CHARGE: Child Abuse / Neglect VERDICT: Not Guilty