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To be accused of a violent crime is a serious matter. If you face formal assault and battery charges in Michigan, then your reputation, liberty, and future are all at grave risk.

At Long Law PLLC, we are ready to tirelessly defend you against an assault charge. As Attorney Emily E. Long is a former prosecutor, you can benefit from her comprehensive knowledge of the courtroom.

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In addition to working with a former prosecutor, you can have a whole team of experts on your side. At Long Law PLLC, we join forces with toxicologists, investigators, doctors, and other professionals to craft the strongest possible defense. You cannot afford to rely on less than the best criminal defense lawyer. Call our Oakland County firm today!

Penalties for Assault & Battery in Michigan

Assault entails threatening violence or attempting to physically attack another person, while battery is an attack that has been carried out. A simple example: If you threaten to punch someone, or if you throw the punch but miss, you have committed assault. Battery occurs if you actually punch the other person. The defendant must have the ability to carry out the attack in order for assault charges to be successful. If you make a threat that you couldn't possibly act on, you most likely cannot be convicted of assault.

For misdemeanor assault charges you could face:

  • Up to 93 days in jail and a $500 fine, or
  • If serious injury occurred: Up to 1 year in jail and a $1,000 fine

For a felony assault conviction, you could face:

  • With a deadly weapon: Up to 4 years in prison and a $2,000 fine
  • With intent to commit murder: Possible life sentence

Get a Former Prosecutor on Your Side

When you face potentially life-changing penalties, it can make all the difference to have a fearless Oakland County criminal defense lawyer by your side. At Long Law PLLC we have the experience and skill to fight for your name to be cleared of assault and battery charges.

If you have been charged with assault under any circumstances, you must take action now to avoid a guilty verdict and the long-term consequences it could have for your future.

Successful Case Results

  • CHARGE: 2nd Offense OWI VERDICT: Not Guilty
  • CHARGE: Assault and Battery VERDICT: Not Guilty
  • CHARGE: Child Abuse VERDICT: Not Guilty
  • CHARGE: Child Abuse / Neglect VERDICT: Not Guilty
  • CHARGE: Embezzlement Over $20K VERDICT: Case Dismissed
  • CHARGE: Felony Domestic Violence VERDICT: Not Guilty
  • CHARGE: Habitual 4th Offender After a Heroin Relapse VERDICT: In-Patient Treatment & Probation
  • CHARGE: Operating While Intoxicated VERDICT: Case Dismissed
  • CHARGE: Operating While Intoxicated Verdict: Reduced Charge, No Jail / Probation
  • CHARGE: Operating While Intoxicated VERDICT: Case Dismissed