Juvenile Crimes

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If your minor child has been charged with a crime, it is important that you act quickly to secure representation from a skilled Oakland County criminal defense lawyer. At Long Law PLLC, we are intimately familiar with Michigan's juvenile court system, and we understand the potentially serious consequences that can await a minor child who is convicted of a crime.

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Individuals with criminal records frequently experience difficulty in obtaining gainful employment, successfully applying for college, and acquiring credit or loans for major purchases (such as a vehicle or home). We are available to provide strong and intelligent defense against your child's criminal charges, with the goal of helping your child avoid the adverse effects of a conviction.

Understanding Juvenile Crimes

A juvenile crime is defined as an illegal act that is committed by an individual under the age of 17 years. In many juvenile crime cases, parents automatically assume that their children, being minors, will not be subjected to severe legal penalties if convicted. Unfortunately, these assumptions are frequently mistaken. Prosecutors in our state take juvenile crimes very seriously, and often seek severe punishments for minors who have been convicted. If a minor has committed a felony offense and is nearing the age of 17, he or she may even be charged as an adult.

Your Child Has Rights - Protect Them

Minors convicted of a crime can face penalties that include fines, probation, mandatory drug/alcohol counseling, community service, placement in a juvenile detention center, and even jail time. As a person charged with a criminal offense, your child has the same right to fair legal proceedings as any adult facing charges. An experienced criminal defense attorney can protect your child's rights while pursuing an outcome that involves the reduction or dismissal of the charges.

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Successful Case Results

  • CHARGE: Operating While Intoxicated VERDICT: Case Dismissed
  • CHARGE: Habitual 4th Offender After a Heroin Relapse VERDICT: In-Patient Treatment & Probation
  • CHARGE: Stalking VERDICT: PPO Dismissed
  • CHARGE: Stalking VERDICT: PPO Dismissed
  • CHARGE: Operating While Intoxicated Verdict: Reduced Charge, No Jail / Probation
  • CHARGE: Embezzlement Over $20K VERDICT: Case Dismissed
  • CHARGE: Operating While Intoxicated VERDICT: Case Dismissed
  • CHARGE: Assault and Battery VERDICT: Not Guilty
  • CHARGE: Child Abuse VERDICT: Not Guilty
  • CHARGE: Child Abuse / Neglect VERDICT: Not Guilty