Carrying a Concealed Weapon

Carrying a Concealed Weapon

Oakland County Gun Crime Lawyer

In order to carry a concealed weapon, you need to have all the proper permits that comes with it. Carrying a concealed weapon does not necessarily mean it is located somewhere on your body. It can be located within close proximity to you, or otherwise easily reachable so that you can use it.

You should be aware of what is legal and what is not when it comes to carrying a concealed weapon. Having an attorney that is informed about these laws may be your best asset in avoiding any potential charges. If you were charged for illegally carrying a weapon, however, Long Law PLLC can also help form a defense in your favor.

When is concealed carrying illegal?

No matter what, you must apply for a license before attempting to carry a concealed weapon. You would need to apply through your local official and take some courses on how to maintain safety when using any type of firearm. You need to have this permit with you whenever you are carrying the weapon, as a police officer may ask you for verification.

If you are found carrying a concealed weapon unlawfully, you could face the following penalties:

  • Steep fines
  • Probation
  • A jail sentence up to five years
  • Ban from owning guns in the future

The charges can add up to more if another, more serious criminal violation occurred while carrying or intending to use the concealed weapon. It is important to realize that the act of carrying a concealed weapon is not inherently criminal. Because these gun laws can be so difficult to comprehend, you need to get in touch with an Oakland County gun crime attorney as soon as possible to get you the answers that you need and the defense you deserve.

Get a legal team on your side!

You have every right to protect yourself if you are facing carrying a concealed weapon charges. Getting a firm like Long Law PLLC to help you is the right way to begin. Lead attorney, Emily E. Long, has memberships with the Criminal Defense Attorneys of Michigan, Oakland County Bar Association, and the State Bar of Michigan. The firm is well-versed in various criminal defense matters. They examine all of the details related to your charge and build a tough defense to undermine prosecution and help absolve you.

Don't delay contacting the office about fighting your charges!

Successful Case Results

  • CHARGE: 2nd Offense OWI VERDICT: Not Guilty
  • CHARGE: Assault and Battery VERDICT: Not Guilty
  • CHARGE: Child Abuse VERDICT: Not Guilty
  • CHARGE: Child Abuse / Neglect VERDICT: Not Guilty
  • CHARGE: Embezzlement Over $20K VERDICT: Case Dismissed
  • CHARGE: Felony Domestic Violence VERDICT: Not Guilty
  • CHARGE: Habitual 4th Offender After a Heroin Relapse VERDICT: In-Patient Treatment & Probation
  • CHARGE: Operating While Intoxicated VERDICT: Case Dismissed
  • CHARGE: Operating While Intoxicated Verdict: Reduced Charge, No Jail / Probation
  • CHARGE: Operating While Intoxicated VERDICT: Case Dismissed